There have been two incidences lately that warrant comment. First and foremost there was the tragic incident at Ft. Hood, where a lone gunman pulled out a couple guns and started shooting people. Now, I will grant you that he acted alone, and the people he killed were mainly military. One could consider it an act of war in that light, since the targets were mainly military.

But, I choose to fall back on the definition of Terrorism: “The use of force or violence to make a political statement.” It’s pretty simple then, the only question was whether Nidal Hasan was making a political statement. We can answer that question quite simply though. If he did indeed say the words “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is great”) right before he started shooting as so many have already testified, then it was an act of terrorism.

I would like to state that my wife and I absolutely deplore this wanton act of terrorism, and our hearts and prayers are with the families and friends of those killed in that tragic incident. It was a deplorable act, and one that brings discredit on the man – Nidal Hasan – and those associated with him.

The second incident in recent news that bears scrutiny is the decision by the Obama administration to try the 9/11 “masterminds” as civilians in a Federal Court in New York. This decision is also deplorable, and there is no excuse for giving those “terrorists” and foreigners the same rights as American citizens. Attorney General Holder’s claim that it’s “his” decision is absolutely wrong as well. The decision had already been made to hold military tribunals for all the suspects held at Gitmo. He’s just using President Obama’s (liberal) revisionist policies to change the way things work, and in essence to try to change history.

It is a shameful thing that the current administration has allowed to take place. It is further shameful, and “Politically Correct” and so on to tap dance around the issue of whether Nidal Hasan is indeed a terrorist. He _is_ a TERRORIST!


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