Washington Out Of Control

OK, enough is enough! We learned this week that “Health Guidelines” for women are being changed. First, it was Mammograms, now it’s Pap smears. The clear goal of this administration is to reduce cost, not focus on health.

Now we read though that FHA is giving out risky loans in “wealthy” areas. There was a fellow quoted this morning in the NY Times who said “I have no idea how we got this big of a loan.” My goodness, isn’t there any oversight of these agencies? Wasn’t that part of the package in the bailout? Less than 12 months ago, that same fellow had to cash in part of his retirement savings to move to Boston!

I tell you, things are spinning out of control, and there is no accountability anywhere. The focus in Washington has shifted to President Obama’s agenda no matter what, and nobody is watching the chicken coop. Add on top of that the big firms on Wall St. are voting themselves HUGE bonuses because of the supposed “recovery” on Wall St. That same recovery has not translated to a recovery on Main St., but do they care? Is it important to Wall St. that unemployment is still on the rise and the average American now, who doesn’t even have a subprime mortgage is now much more likely to lose his home?

This recovery has been about the wealthy, not the lower and middle classes in America. Nothing has been done to support them. I use again the case where in Colorado our Governor stated in no uncertain terms that we were going to get Federal Stimulus monies to help pay for much needed highway and bridge repairs. So, in light of that eventuality he said we should raise auto licensing fees to pay for those repairs now, we’d get the money later from the Fed. We never got a DIME!

Are we being ripped off? Heck no, we needed those repairs, but, and this is a HUGE but, don’t treat me like a fool and count those job numbers in the “jobs saved” category (which you can bet your bottom dollar they are!) by Federal Stimulus monies. The only jobs saved by Federal Stimulus money that this author can see are traders and fund managers and executives on Wall St. The same jerks who got us into this mess to begin with.

I wrote a comment today on a CNN article that at first, I agreed with the TARP program, that it was necessary to “do something.” Now that we’ve seen the results of that “something” I think it would have been better if we’d never done anything at all, and simply let those fools go down with their Wall St. ships. So what if they had gone under? I think the average Joe American would have been better off, since he would have gotten a much sweeter deal in terms of opportunity to refinance his mortgage and modify his debt.

The President and his liberals are minding the store, but the fox has left the chicken coop hours ago with all the chickens and the eggs too.


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