Daily Rant

Unfortunately, I have no job yet. I had a couple interviews lately, both were very positive, but I didn’t get either job. It’s kind of a drag in my situation that I’ve not been employed at any one employer for longer than 4 years out of the past 20. It makes me a “project” person now, somebody who gets hired when projects are in need, and the first to be let go when things start to tighten up again.

It really has nothing to do with my skills and talents which is the biggest bummer in the situation. I’ve wanted to get in a company where I could be part of a great team. The last place I worked again was a bit behind the curve in terms of software technology even though it was a great team, and that makes me not as “portable” which is the main reason I’ve had great interviews, but am not on their “desirable” list. It’s getting very difficult to compete anymore with the kids coming out of school, all of whom can work 26 hours a day. Me, I just don’t do that anymore, I’m slowing down as I am nearing 50. It’s probably time to figure out something else.

I’d love to goto work full time for The Lord too, but doing what? It’s a hugely uncertain time of life when you’re stuck in the place where you don’t need (or want) lots of money anymore. Heck – I just want a job! I don’t want to start completely over doing anything. I tried that 5 years ago, went back to work in something totally different (Home Depot) and I didn’t fail, but the stress of walking 8 hours a day on concrete floors nearly ruined my feet and ankles. My body is just not used to that kind of abuse. I got tendonitis in my elbows right away too from lifting doors and windows over my head. That was a lot easier to deal with than my feet though.

So, I’m not much cut out for manual labor, I’m still plenty strong, but it’s just that a constant 40 hrs/wk would likely break my body down in a hurry. I’ve not done anything else besides software in the past 25 years. I can build great web sites, but there I’m competing against graphic artists, and folks who have much better tools than I do, and can do it faster and cheaper and so on. I keep saying to myself, if I were to work for The Lord, what would I do? That’s a huge question mark too.

I’d probably like to teach, but teaching positions are in the same situation as every other type of job out there. Any openings have 10x as many applicants as there are spaces to fill. And, on top of that, state budgets are being cut left and right, and teachers go first it seems, never administrators. The world is an awful place.

President Obama wants to know how to create jobs. I’ve sent him my ideas. It’s not a cheap thing that I’ve proposed, but it makes sense to folks I’ve talked with. We, in this country, are falling our economic arses because of one thing: OIL. I’ve written about it for years, told many folks, everyone we meet in fact. It’s our belief that BIG OIL has been running this country for some time now. Nobody can deny any longer that the real reason we’re fighting in the Mideast is because of oil. Sure, our troops over there have become a lightning rod, and we have few terrorist attacks in this country as a result of that, but oil brought the problems on, and oil is why we’re still there fighting.

We need to NOT be dependent on oil any longer – at least foreign oil. We need to be self-sufficient. We need to build up our alternatives. The _best_ one as we see it is Ethanol. Ethanol could literally bail us out overnight. There are dozens of pulp and paper mills that are shutting down in this country (finally) due to the decreased demand for paper. That’s a good thing. But, those same mills have wonderful facilities for making pulp (all of them). And, if you can make pulp, then you can make Ethanol through the cellulosic process. There are bacteria available now that turn cellulose directly to sugar. If you can do that, then making Ethanol is simple! Cellulose is the most abundant organic material on this entire planet folks.

We could be producing millions of barrels of Ethanol within 5 years if we quickly invested as much as we could into turning those abandoned pulp and paper mills into cellulosic ethanol production facilities. They all have rail lines, and they all have the facilities in place to make pulp, the amount of further investment to make them Ethanol production capable is a drop in the bucket compared to the waste of letting them sit there. A few years ago, the average paper milll cost on the order of $500M to build! They also employ about 5,000 people! We could put lots of people back to work! It’s simple to convert any modern car to burn ethanol too, costs less than $500 on average. T.Boone Pickens agrees that oil is our biggest problem, but his solution is natural gas. It’s next to impossible (read that a LOT more $expensive$) to convert a car to burn LPNG! Sure, we could start building cars to burn LPNG, but it will take years to get very many vehicles on the road that are LPNG powered.

There are over 10M cars today that can burn ethanol, and any MODERN car can burn (with no conversion) up to 25% ethanol, no problem. And, at that mix of ethanol, cars actually get better mileage! Isn’t that amazing?

I’ve been studying this stuff, obviously, eh? I’ve sent letters to local energy folks, to T.Boone Pickens, to Presidents Obama, and Bush before him. I’ve sent it to my local state senators. I’ve published articles on the web. Nobody is listening! I’m so frustrated that I could just scream! To get folks to listen, you gotta have money. If you don’t, no matter how good your ideas, nobody listens.

Everybody wants “hybrid” cars. That’s a joke IMO. The reason why – it’s a “high tech” solution to a “low tech” problem. The problem is we simply need to reduce our demand for oil. Converting cars to burn Ethanol reduces your demand for oil to NOTHING! Hybrids reduce your demand by maybe 50%. It’s a pretty simple equation to figure out in my mind. I just don’t see why nobody else sees it that way? Corn prices peaked 2 years ago during the Ethanol “boom.” Then, mysteriously, since we had a “bumper” corn crop, prices dropped to less than half the per bushel price overnight. Ethanol companies folded, went bankrupt overnight. ADM almost went under. They had all locked in corn bushel prices at the “high” (stupidly, I might add). Who do you think is responsible for nearly ruining the Ethanol industry? Do _you_ see a conspiracy in there somewhere?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, or nut as they say, but I do see one there! Big OIL is trying to keep things the way they are, because they stand to LOSE big if anyone replaces them as “king” in this country. They’ll do ANYTHING to stay in power, and keep the status quo. Sarah Palin wrote an article entitled “Drill.” I agree wholeheartedly with her conclusions in that article too (it’s on the web on Facebook somewhere). If you’d care to read it, it’s available:


I’m not really in favor of keeping up our dependence on oil, but if we’re going to use it, then it might as well be oil we produce in this country, and not some third world corrupt nation. Pakistan and Afghanistan are not the only corrupt places in this world. IMO, all the third world countries are corrupt. We pay the rulers of those countries (our corporations pay them mostly) so that they can stay in power and continue providing us with stuff we “burn up.” In the meantime, we rape and pillage their countries and leave them as environmental and economic disaster areas for the most part. Third world countries are not like us, they’re 10% wealthy and 90% poor. They have no middle class! There are those who have (few) and those who have not (most), and they either work or starve.

We, in America, have been insulated from all that mostly, but that is the source of terrorism IMO. The “have nots” aren’t taking it any more. They’re fighting back in the only way they can. Um, I should make that the “Imperialist” tendencies of western economies have created a situation where the “have nots” have no hope, so they turn to wanton violence and organized destruction in order to make their needs and beliefs heard.

No, I don’t believe they are terrorists just because they are Muslim any more than I believe standing in my garage makes me a cadillac. Terrorists are just desperate people, who’ve decided to make a political statement through the use of violence. Yes, sometimes folks become Muslim because they have no hope, and that “religion” appears to offer them hope. But, in reality, it can be a front for politically minded types who want to spread violence and terror.

Face it, I became a Christian because I had no hope, but I received love and unconditional acceptance, not a religion of terror and violence. I was fortunate, those who join with “radical” Islam are not so fortunate.

So, do I sound frustrated and angry? You bet!

I could go on and on. But, I’m just boring you with my analysis of the world that I’ve done over the past few years. I’m definitely a thinker and ponderer. This stuff, the real way this world works, since it’s under the control of the enemy of our souls, is not so nice. The world is really a very UGLY place. The only thing beautiful is God, Jesus and The Bible. His love is the only thing that makes it OK anymore. I’m blessed to have a believing wife, but even she gets frustrated with me sometimes. Gee, I wonder why?



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