We’re in trouble here folks. Not only is the Obama administration claiming “Victory” for contributing so-called 1.7 percentage points to the 3.5% GDP increase last quarter (due to its “Cash For Clunkers” program) but now they are touting how 650,000 jobs were created or “saved” from elimination by the stimulus. Uh, I have heard that we’ve lost about 2M jobs this year already, so I don’t think anybody can claim “Victory.” And, btw, since when has the government been in the business of making “roadmaps” to recovery? Isn’t business the business of business?

I’m just stupefied by the spin coming out of Washington and specifically the Obama administration, and the host of Democrats who are riding on Obama’s coattails. It’s unbelievable what they’re trying to do to our country. Add to that there won’t be any real “jobs” recovery until 2012 and we’re sitting in red ink folks, a sea of it. An OCEAN of it. But, tax and spend policies will drive us right into ruin. It’s going to be a return to Carterism, double digit inflation, massive devaluation of the dollar for us worldwide, and more dependence on BIG government.

I’m trying not to be cynical, really, but this is getting ridiculous.


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