Conservative Not Cynical

I try not to be cynical, I really do. But things are just so out of control, it’s hard not to be cynical. Take one of today’s news items for example. “Department of Energy Grants Jump-Start the Smart Grid Toward a Still Undefined Future.” Isn’t that typical of our government? Let’s get lots of money out there to folks who make things happen so they can make things happen, even though we don’t know where we’re going.

On the other side of the coin, our troops are dying in ever increasing numbers in Afghanistan while our President sits there and says: “We’ve got to have a solid strategy. You won’t rush me on this one.” Then, we find out that things are “Politics as usual” in the Whitehouse. Favored Liberals, and “friends” of the administration are being treated to fancy perks, including overnight stays in the Lincoln bedroom and so forth.

So do we really see anything “new” from President Obama’s administration? You can guess my answer to that question. The President who promised a whole new deal has so far delivered anything but. Then, he got a Nobel Peace Prize for something he hadn’t even done yet! That’s just an insult to the American people in my opinion. In fact, as I see it, the only things he’s done so far in his first 9 months of office is to “undo” all the things the previous administration did. That’s not construction, that’s destruction.

Like I said, I try to be conservative rather than cynical, but it’s very difficult these days. Things are going much the same here in my state of Colorado. Last night I read an article about “Stimulus” funds received to date in our state. Here is my analysis of that article (

“Originally, the Governor increased our taxes on vehicles with the understanding that Federal funds were coming to offset some of that for road improvements. If you drive along Hwy 70 and (I assume) other roads in the state you’ll notice those BIG signs tooting Governor Ritter’s horn about how “Stimulus” money is paying for the road improvements (bridge repairs and such).

“Now, I won’t dispute for a MOMENT that those repairs needed to be done, but don’t treat me like a fool and tell me that the “Government” is paying for it – I AM! And you are, and you and you and you, all of us are paying for it with higher vehicle fees! And the rest of that “stimulus” money is a total joke. Not if you got your $250 SS check I suppose, and not if you got $500 for increased “fees” at the state schools, that were mostly used to pay for the increased fees at our state schools anyhow, so the Federal government gave and the state took away from those same students – again.

“And that guy can’t “account” for it because the program is so HUGE? That’s pure and simple FUD, obfuscation, distraction, spin. It’s a joke. There is no money coming from the Federal Government to the State, except indirectly, and believe you me, Ritter hopes to get ALL of it back one way or another so he can spend it.”

I’m tired of the spin doctors. I’m tired of people in the government lying to me. The Liberals do nothing but complain about the Conservatives, and how awful we are. Well, if you ask me, there are those in power who are far worse than the conservatives ever were.


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