A Science & Creation Weekend

This past weekend, the men from my church, some of them, got together for a retreat to discuss Science and Creation. Specifically, we wanted to go over much of the new material that’s been discovered in the Scientific realm over the past few years to determine whether Science and Creation can coexist. We discussed the history of science as it relates to Creation, specifically to the Universe as our knowledge of it keeps unfolding, and how recent discoveries have probed “The Mind of God.”

That’s an interesting statement, what does that mean? To probe the Mind of God, one must be seeking to understand the secrets of the universe, and how those mysteries were enacted by a creative agent and set up for us so that we would be able to exist in this universe. There has been some talk in the recent past about “Intelligent Design” and the notion that certain structures in living organisms are so complex that there is no way they could have “evolved.”

Evolution is a hoax anyhow, and those who continue to have “faith” in this flawed theory are to be pitied by those of us who have gone on to discover the true mysteries of the cosmos. Yes, that was a direct jab at Carl Sagan and his “Billions and billions of stars” idea. Given enough time, he said, you could take and bury a skateboard in your backyard and dig it up some zillions of years later and find a Cadillac! Sorry, that’s a bit tongue in cheek analysis of what the evolutionists propose, but it’s not far off the mark to be sure.

No, we who’ve delved into the mysteries of science and creation have determined that they are one and the same, a search for how the universe was formed and the laws were set in place and in motion, how time came into being, and what the implications of that all is for life as we know it. We found that there is a principle, even further removed from “Intelligent Design” that states that there are too many pre-existing conditions that must be in order for simple life to happen that it is absolutely absurd any longer to believe that life might have sprang from lifelessness. This “Anthropic Principle” states that the probability is something like 1 in 1×10 to the 1050th power that all the factors in the universe would “arrange themselves” such that life could exist! Is that so amazingly remote that even Mr. Sagan’s jaw would have dropped? You betcha!

These recent “discoveries,” let’s not call it that, let’s call it revelation because it comes from the likes of Stephen Hawking and others, including geneticists, biologists, physicists and the like, anyhow this revelation has proved what The Bible has been saying all along. I quote from John 1, verses 1-3: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.”

Our conclusion was that what John was shown, and we are now beginning to realize is that Jesus is the creative agent in our universe. All that we see, can touch, taste, feel, interact with, all of this was created through and by Jesus. Since God exists outside of time, and outside the physical realities of our universe, he first had to create Jesus to act as the creator of the universe he was going to form through Him. We found out, in other words, that science no longer has to tell religionists that it is not fair to “presuppose” the existence of God. Science now proves the existence of God! He is the creative agent who “arranged” the universe the way it is so life could exist and we could be here cogitating these things!

That’s a mouthful, and it’s mighty deep, but that was what we discovered over our weekend. How was your weekend?


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