Denver – COLD!

It’s Saturday morning, at 8a it was 14f degrees outside, snowing. Murphy (our dog) is laying here with his “SpongeBob Squarepants” sweater on, drying off. The cat (Rascals) is hibernating someplace. Cheryl is gone to Women’s Retreat in Colorado Springs. I know it’s probably colder down there, but at the resort, they can at least curl up by a nice fire. Hmmm… record cold in October a couple times already in Denver. It never made it above 34f degrees here at our house on Friday either. That’s Global Warming though, right?

I texted a picture of Murphy with his SpongeBob sweater on to Cheryl, hope she checks her phone sometime today and gets it. That will make her smile I hope. I got to finish my coffee here and get started on cleaning. Dishes, laundry, a cat litter box to clean out. If I get really motivated I can run the vacuum – oh boy! Too bloody cold to head outdoors.

I hear we have two ski resorts open here in CO now. Both Loveland and A-Basin are open. They both ought to be getting snow from these storms. Officially, Loveland got 2″ yesterday, and 1/2″ today so far. Of course, the rest of the month could be warmer and drier, let’s check the forecast… Hard to say. Clouds remain with us through most of this next week. It’s snowed on almost every Halloween (still 3 weeks off though) since I’ve been here (6 or 7 out of 10 since 1999 I think). It’s more likely to be a “White Halloween” here in CO than a “White Christmas.”

I want to write another installment in the book about my dad today too. I hope folks will come to see the reason I am writing the book is to document the journey to peace that I had with my father. I never learned to truly forgive him until I met Jesus. It was impossible before then.

Oh well… I better get to work here. Have a great day all!


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