Can Animals Talk?

I got to thinking after yesterday’s post that I had some incidents to describe about animals “talking.” Of course animals don’t really talk, except Parrots, and maybe a few dogs and other animals mimic sounds, but for the most part we don’t think they really talk.

The big question though is whether they communicate, and can make their needs and wants known to us. Is that talking? I would argue that it is. My dog certainly knows how to go stand by the back door and wag his tail and do “spins” when he wants to go outside to do his business.

And my cat knows how to get my attention when he’s hungry – he comes up and nips me on the hand! The little sucker! But I witnessed the most amazing incident of an animal “talking” to us recently.

I was on a retreat / fishing weekend with the guys from my church, and we were staying in this beautiful cabin up in the higher parts of South Park (Park County, CO). We were hanging around outside, throwing the football and just generally being bums, when all of a sudden, this hummingbird buzzes one of the fellow’s heads (Rick). The little hummer buzzed him loudly too, and hesitated long enough to get all of our attention.

Then, the little bird flew over to the hummingbird feeder that the owner’s of the house had setup about 50 feet from the house. The feeder was empty. The bird circled the feeder 3 or 4 times, and then came _back_ and buzzed Rick’s head again! The bird flew through the porch both times in order to do this!

It was truly one of the most “amazing” displays of animal communication I had ever witnessed. Do _you_ get what the bird was trying to tell us? Of course, he wanted us to fill the feeder! I did so immediately, at least I started immediately. I looked up a recipe for hummingbird nectar on my phone, boiled up the nectar, put it in the fridge overnight to cool, and then filled the feeder the next morning.

All that next day we had 2 and 3 hummers on the feeder at the same time.

Smart little bird, eh?


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