Gay Penguins? Really?

Check out the video on CNN:

Give me a break.  This is more lunacy from the far left.  How on earth could there be such a thing as a “Gay Penguin?”  Or, for that matter, how could any animal be “Gay?”  The gay activists are at it again folks.  They want us to believe that being gay is something you’re born with, or something “evolution” gave us.

Think about it, if there were such a thing as “Gay” genes, wouldn’t they have been naturally selected against if evolution is true?  I mean, seriously, there would not be any gay humans, or gay animals, because they would never reproduce!  Sheesh – you don’t have to think it through very far to realize that.

And I don’t even believe in evolution so what does that say?  From God’s perspective, being gay is an affront to His righteousness.  Why?  Because we were _created_ in His image, to be pure and righteous, one man and one woman joined together, not only to procreate, but to _complete_ each other.

My wife, Cheryl, she completes me, she is my “other half” if that’s how you like to think about it.  Neither half is better, we’re just not complete without one another.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re far from perfect, and I’m farther from it on my own.  I have problems each and every day that I must deal with.  We call that “Sin” and the results of a sinful nature.  I fight the “Old man” inside me (my sin nature) every day. It’s a struggle, thus, a journey and not a destination.

I won’t be perfect until I die, and kneel at the feet of Jesus and kiss his feet and He gives me a big hug and says “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  I hope to get there anyhow.  Like I said, it’s a journey and not an end in itself (being a believer in Jesus Christ).

So, again, what is this nonsense about “Gay Penguins” all about?  The gay community is desperate to prove that they are not responsible for their own behavior.  They are seeking to blame it on some nebulous thing called “Evolution” so that they don’t have to be responsible for their own behavior.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate gay people, in fact, some I’ve met are downright decent folks.  They are simply not following God’s best plan for their lives that’s all.

My daughter recently told me that she and her husband went to DC for a nice afternoon, and were unfortunate enough to arrive on a day when there was a “Gay Pride” day.  Why unfortunate?  Because the gay people, especially the transvestites and so on were downright rude to them, and mean.  They think that freedom means you can be offensive.  Boy, is that wrong.  Sure, freedom of speech means you can say anything you like, but if I find it offensive then I have every right to tell you that you are offensive, and what you stand for is wrong.

So I say again, there is no such thing as a “Gay” animal.  They do not exist, never have, never will.  It’s simply the gay activists desperate to “prove” that their behavior is due to Charles Darwin, and not choice.


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