Conspiracy Theorists

I just ran into an article on the Denver 7 News web site.  It was about the Apollo moon landing, only it was not about the landing but about how some people think it was all a big hoax.  These conspiracy theorists make me a little ill.

I, for one, am going to sign up on the web site:

so I can watch, listen and relive the drama and excitement of those landings 40 years ago.  I was just a kid, but I remember feeling proud of my country and those men who gave so much and did so much with sheer guts and determination.

I say that people who come up with these whacked out theories about how the Government is behind all these events (there are plenty of 9/11 theories too) have just done too many drugs.  That’s being polite too.  There are conspiracy theories about Pearl Harbor if you remember and that’s just plain non-sense.

The main thing that irks me about the Conspiracy Theorists is that they deny the bravery and courage of those who died in all these events.  It’s kind of like that whacked out leader in Iran who said the Holocaust never happened, it just denies the humanity of all those who lost their lives.

In that light, it is important for the rest of us to never forget those people who have lost, and in some cases _gave_ their lives, either in natural or man made disasters, or in wars that were fought that we could never win (Vietnam).  The Russians had their own “unwinnable” war too (Afghanistan).

One last point:  Our current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have stretched us again, and shown us just how difficult it is to send people overseas to die for the freedom of a people who have no concept of what freedom really is, so they don’t appreciate it.  But, does that mean we should not try to show them what freedom is, or help them fight to free themselves?  Definitely not.  And, the big kicker is that our military fighting overseas became a lightning rod to attract the attention of all those bad elements in the world (what we call terrorists) so that the war on terror is being fought over there and not here.

If you’re going to do something about terror then by definition you do not sit around and wait for it to happen again and hope to “prevent” it.  You must go after evil where it lives and fight on its turf.  End of discussion.


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